SCHEDULE: (subject to change with short notice)

Daily Practices:

Spring Break:
There won’t be scheduled practices during spring break this year. Athletes are encouraged to attend the HS practices with HS coach permission and/or continue their training at home.

Meets 2013

 (timeline for order of events at each meet have yet to be determined):

April 13 @ Torrington @ 9am
April 17 @ Cheyenne Johnson @ 3pm
April 20 @ Saratoga
April 26 @ Baggs @ 11am
April 27 @ Saratoga
May 3 @ Baggs @ 11am

2012 Results
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Guidelines and Expectations Spring 2013


Track and field at Encampment should be a positive experience for each athlete, parent, and coach.  Each athlete should demonstrate hard work, teamwork, discipline, dedication, selflessness, integrity, and sportsmanship.  As they do so, they will improve their performance on the field and develop character that will make them successful throughout life.


Our philosophy for Encampment’s Junior High Track and Field is to create a competitive and character driven program.  We hope that each athlete will remember how their experience in track and field made them a champion both on and off of the field.  The greatest rewards that athletes will gain on the track will be the rewards that come from being part of a team.  We want each participant to see the improvement that comes from consistent hard work and to value the importance of commitment.  We also want each athlete to know that he/she has achieved because of continued effort and dedication.  Track and Field should be a wonderful experience from which each athlete can always look back and remember the lessons learned, friendships gained, and goals achieved.


Being part of a team requires great commitment and dedication.   All athletes are expected to conduct themselves with honor and responsibility both on and off the track.

A.     Rules for Commitment to the Team

1.      Each athlete must be on time to every practice (3:30) and not leave practice early without prior approval from coaches.

2.      Each athlete must attend every practice and meet.

3.      Each athlete must bring the proper attire to each practice. (Running shoes, running clothes, hats, gloves, and sweats.)

4.      Each athlete must remain at a meet until every teammate has finished his/her events. Athletes who will not ride home with the team must be transported home by their own parent or guardian who checked the athlete out with one of the coaches. They will do this in person and also provide a signed note. Athletes may not ride home with another athlete’s family, or be dropped off somewhere other than the school unless their parent has filled out the appropriate paperwork in the school office and notified coaches.

5.      Each athlete, at the coaches’ discretion, will compete in multiple events.

6.      Each athlete will compete in the events that the coaches feel will be most beneficial to the team, not necessarily in the events of the athlete’s choosing.

7.      No athlete will be allowed to use electronic devices during practice, except during distance runs (for example: ipod)

8.      Each athlete must give the coach a written note or email with a parent phone number if they are going to miss practice or a meet for any reason.  Illness from school, will automatically be given an excused absence.  Detention will be considered an unexcused absence.  ISS will also be counted as an unexcused absence since you may not attend practice on a day you have ISS.

Any athlete who violates one of the above rules will be given an unexcused absence.  Three unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the team.

B.      Rules for Athlete Conduct

1.      Each athlete must treat all coaches with proper respect.  Talking back, arguing, fooling around when a coach is talking to the team, or refusing to do what is asked will not be tolerated.

2.      Each athlete will treat teammates with respect and kindness.  There will be no harassing, or making fun of teammates for any reason.

3.      Profanity will never be tolerated.

4.      Athletes will not cut corners or cheat in any drill or workout.

5.      Athletes will be respectful to all teachers and administrators in school.

6.      No athlete will use profanity in the classroom or in the school hallways.

7.      No Cheating.

8.      No Fighting.

9.      No use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs. 

It is impossible to list every possible rule that athletes will be expected to follow.  The most important thing to remember is that you represent Encampment.  We expect all athletes to demonstrate maturity and good judgment in all their actions.

If any athlete violates the above rules he/she will face one or more of the following consequences depending upon the severity of the incident.

1.      Dismissal from Practice and an unexcused absence.

2.      Referral to Principal.

3.      Suspension from one or more meets.

4.      Dismissal from the team.


Academics take priority. If any athlete has two failing grades, they are required to attend the school’s homework club Monday through Thursday from 3:25 - 4:00. After homework club, they will dress and warm up by 4:10, followed by participation in the rest of practice. They will not participate in any meets during the week of ineligibility. An athlete will be granted one week of ineligibility. A second week of ineligibility will result in a dismissal from the team. It is the responsibility of all athletes to obtain assignment instruction for the class time they will miss due to meets.





We the coaching staff at Encampment desire to create a program that builds champions on and off of the field.  We enjoy what we do because we have the opportunity to teach a sport that we enjoy to people that can enjoy it with us.  We will strive to make track and field an enjoyable experience for everyone.  We will also uphold each of the team’s rules by abiding by them ourselves.  We will be respectful to players, parents, and officials.  We will come to practice each day prepared to train and instruct every athlete.  We will make decisions based on what will be best for the team and for each athlete on the team.


Every athlete participating in Track and Field is required to have a physical. Failure to have a completed physical form and adjoining paperwork will result in the athlete being unable to practice/compete until the paperwork has been completed.


We live in Wyoming, therefore the weather and temperatures can vary dramatically day to day. We practice outside almost every day, regardless of conditions. Athletes must always be prepared to practice or compete in inclement weather. This includes plenty of warm clothes for cold days (sweatshirts/pants, hats, gloves, etc.), running shoes for outside (they may become quite muddy), and clean gym/running shoes for inside. Athletes should also have sunscreen to wear for our meets. Team uniforms and warm-ups may not be worn on practice days. On the day of a meet, warm-ups may be worn to school.

Stuff newspaper in wet shoes to dry them out and minimize any stench.

SCHEDULE: (subject to change with short notice)

JH Track Season:
March 13, 2013 to May 3, 2013


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